I’m on fire

A lot of people chuck around the term ‘burnt out’. Myself included. Because it’s such an overused term, I looked up the dictionary definition of ‘burnt out’. I found many definitions concerning motor parts and an engine literally burning out. But some other descriptions did come up. These concerning working one’s self to exhaustion or to ‘ruin one’s health’. And I got thinking about my … Continue reading I’m on fire

Unemployment and Mental Health

We have been on quite an interesting journey together over the last year. You might remember me writing about Why I left the Fitness Industry. I wrote this piece after leaving my Personal Training job in October 2017. Since then I have been focusing on completing my Honours and doing some free lance writing and advocacy work. But I have been largely relying on Centrelink payments … Continue reading Unemployment and Mental Health

Disclosing diagnosis

Making the decision to disclose your diagnosis can be quite challenging. There are lots of things to consider. Can I trust this person to keep this information private? Will they be disappointed? Will they be supportive? Will they treat me differently? This decision can be made even more difficult when it is made about professional relationships. On one hand being honest and open about your … Continue reading Disclosing diagnosis