I’m on fire

A lot of people chuck around the term ‘burnt out’. Myself included. Because it’s such an overused term, I looked up the dictionary definition of ‘burnt out’. I found many definitions concerning motor parts and an engine literally burning out. But some other descriptions did come up. These concerning working one’s self to exhaustion or to ‘ruin one’s health’. And I got thinking about my … Continue reading I’m on fire

‘What’s it feel like?’

Today I had an interesting interaction with a fellow student at university that I thought I might share with you. We were doing a dreaded get-to-know-you activity (as often is the case in the first week of classes) and conversation turned to my diagnosis. ‘So why are you studying part time?’ ‘I’ll be honest with you…Because I have Bipolar.’ ‘Wow. I’ve never met someone with … Continue reading ‘What’s it feel like?’

Antidotes to dark times

Last night I saw the legendary Michael Leunig speak. For those not from Australia, Leunig is a cartoonist, poet, and philosopher from Melbourne. Leunig’s work often speaks to the inner child and to finding beauty in dark and unexpected places. In this presentation, Leunig discussed some key themes from his work and how he has often aimed to provide an antidote is his section of … Continue reading Antidotes to dark times