Lessons learned in therapy

I’ve been in therapy for a long time. I’ll likely be in therapy the rest of my life. I’ve learnt many valuable lessons along the way and I honestly feel that all people can benefit from attending therapy, whether they are diagnosed with a mental illness or not. The therapeutic relationship has been exceptionally important for my recovery journey. I have been fortunate enough to … Continue reading Lessons learned in therapy

‘Don’t joke about that’

Last week I attended the Mental Health Service Conference. If you haven’t already checked out my Instagram I highly recommend doing so to see my daily updates from the conference. One of the things I really wanted to speak about but didn’t get a chance to was the inclusion of stand-up comedy. This may seem odd for a conference but the first day was a consumer … Continue reading ‘Don’t joke about that’

Disclosing diagnosis

Making the decision to disclose your diagnosis can be quite challenging. There are lots of things to consider. Can I trust this person to keep this information private? Will they be disappointed? Will they be supportive? Will they treat me differently? This decision can be made even more difficult when it is made about professional relationships. On one hand being honest and open about your … Continue reading Disclosing diagnosis