(Do)n’t Touch Me

CW: sexual abuse, trauma I’ve been meeting a lot of new people lately. Which is exciting and terrifying and everything in between. One of the difficulties I have when meeting new people is establishing boundaries around physical touch. I have problems being touched. I was sexually abused. So often when someone touches me without warning it creates a whole heap of trouble and conflict for … Continue reading (Do)n’t Touch Me

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Disabled Identity

CW: Some ableist and self-stigmatising ideas explored, trauma and suicidality briefly mentioned. I’ve been thinking about disabled identity a lot lately. For two big reasons. At the start of the year I started my new role as an NDIS Educator. For those who are unfamiliar, the NDIS is a way of providing individual funding to people with disabilities so that they can get the support … Continue reading Disabled Identity

Bedside Manner

CW: suicide, suicide methods, sexual abuse, trauma, eating disorder, self harm methods, invalidating/judgemental doctors I think that might be the longest content warning I have ever written! I had a shitty experience with a nurse this week. They asked me about my weight when was in there for a completely unrelated reason. I explained to them that I used to have anorexia (during which I … Continue reading Bedside Manner