Suicide and Media

CW: suicide discussed and some vague mentions of methods Earlier in the week North Melbourne Footballer (AFL) Majak Daw attempted suicide. I was deeply saddened by this. Daw is the first Sudanese-born Australian footballer to play in the AFL and as such is an inspiration to many young African-Australians. Being in such a high profile means the news of Daw’s attempt has been all over … Continue reading Suicide and Media

Unemployment and Mental Health

We have been on quite an interesting journey together over the last year. You might remember me writing about Why I left the Fitness Industry. I wrote this piece after leaving my Personal Training job in October 2017. Since then I have been focusing on completing my Honours and doing some free lance writing and advocacy work. But I have been largely relying on Centrelink payments … Continue reading Unemployment and Mental Health

The not-so-social butterfly

Last month I facilitated an online forum with SANE Australia about socialising with a mental illness. It was an amazing way to connect with the community and talk about an important topic. It got me reflecting on my own social habits and how they change depending on my mental health status. Soon after, I started thinking about the term ‘social butterfly’. Social butterflies are those … Continue reading The not-so-social butterfly

My Holiday Hacks

The Holiday season is portrayed as a time of joy and togetherness. But for many of us the holidays can mean navigating a range of strained relationships and social anxieties. I spend the holidays with three families; my family, my partner’s dad’s family and my partner’s mum’s family. It can be extremely draining. It becomes difficult to manage self-care when everyone wants a piece of … Continue reading My Holiday Hacks

Guiding wannabee allies

Often it feels like a divide exists between those living with mental illness and the rest of the population. But really, mental illness touches the lives of us all in one way or another. As such, many want to be allies in the efforts to destigmatise mental illness but often don’t know how. This can lead to confusion, mis-steps and hurt feelings. We, as advocates, … Continue reading Guiding wannabee allies

Attention seeking

I have been called ‘attention seeking’ in the past for ‘always making everything’ about my mental illness. I’ve been told I am ‘obsessed’ with my mental illness and need to stop talking about it.  I know many others who have shared the same story of being called ‘attention seeking’ when mentioning their mental illness casually. The most common use of ‘attention seeking’ I have come … Continue reading Attention seeking